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The Games of my Childhood: Hide and Seek

The Games of my Childhood: Hide and Seek
Larong Bata Series: Taguan
Ilonggo/Hiligaynon: Panagu-ay
Cebuano/Sugbuhanon: Tagu-tago

Equipment: A huge tree, lots of open spaces and nooks and crannies
Number of players: minimum 2, to as many
Minimum age: 4 years old
Best time to play: A night, under a really bright full moon; or in the afternoon when adults require all the young to take a nap (siesta)

Mechanics: Using a system to choose the “it” – i.e. rocks-paper-scissor or “maalis-alis” (to be blogged soon) – the it then uses the tree to close his eyes and count till 100 (or 50 depending on what’s been decided amongst the group) and the rest find hiding places – usually nearby and wait till they are free to run up to the tree and “save” themselves while the “it’ is busy looking for the other members. Once the “it” sees you, and calls your name – you will be the next “it”. Everyone will be called out of their hiding place and the countdown begins again.

Tips: Hide somewhere near the “save tree” this way, you can easily run to save yourself. Once saved, you can try looking for the other’s hiding places but be careful not to give them away to the “it”.

Skills children learn while playing this game:

  1. to hide well

  2. to be a thorough seeker

  3. to run fast in order to win and save yourself in a race to the save tree against the it

  4. to be part of a group effort to set rules

  5. to follow the groups agreed upon rules

  6. to accept that at least once you will become “it” too and it’s no big deal

  7. to be magnanimous in winning (everyone hates a humbug)

  8. to enjoy nature, i.e. the open spaces, the save tree, the moon and cool breeze

  9. to enjoy without complicated toys or equipment

  10. to learn to go home when called even if your friends are still playing

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Magna Kultura Message Center said...

Hi, read you wonderful article about Larong Bata. Been researching on Pinoy Games lately as my Organization is about to launch the revival the games this summer in Metro-Manila and in provincial regions of Luzon. Starting April till June, we'll be in barangays, and by July we'll be in public elementary schools. we're reviving the games among the new youth generation, at the same time bringing back the fun in neighborhoods.

I'm Dickie Aguado of Magna Kultura Foundation. I really appreciate the fun article you are sharing to computer-age kids on the net (who miss the open fields and street night games). God bless you wherever you're based. Kudos!


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