Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Variations of the name
: chato/chatong, shatung

Number of players: 2 teams with at least two players

Equipment needed: lots of open space, preferably land so you can dig an elongated shallow hole that you need in order for your team to score the 'shatong points' (you’ll see later how this works) and two pieces of stick about an inch in diameter one long, about a foot and the other short, about half a feet.

First, you (including your opponents) must create a shallow furrow on the ground, where you can do this (see image):

Now that everything is set up and the first to play has been decided, this is how the game is played.

Each team member takes turn. The first one hurls the short stick off the furrow using the longer stick. Now he/she must be careful that the opposing team does not catch the short stick. If the other team catches is, the current team loses their turn and the opposing team takes their turn to hurl/launch the short stick.

Now if “shorty” (the shorter stick) gets hurled with none of the opposing team catching it, all the members of the hurling team will go to the drop site (the exact point where shorty fell).

From here, except for the person who hurled shorty, (so if it’s a two-man team, only one will do this) will have to run up to the furrow shouting “shatoooooooooooooooo!” The opponents will be with you all the way to make sure you did not lose your breath or stop saying the “magic word”. If you failed to reach the furrow and ran out of breath and stopped, the opposing team takes their turn to hurl, and no points are made.

If you are successful, then you partner (the one who hurled shorty) gets to count the distance from the drop point up to the furrow using the longer stick (known here are “LS”).

See image below as example:

If the hurler hits shorty with LS as he launches shorty off to open space, and the “shato” runners don’t lose their breaths; then the count is using LS X 2. If the hurler launches shorty and hits is twice before it goes off to its drop point, then instead of LS, shorty is used to count the distance from the drop point to the furrow (making the score much higher).

If the hurler hits shorty three times before it drops, then not only is shorty used to measure the distance from drop point to furrow, but also the count is increased to threes!

Teams note their scores and the team with the highest points wins the game.

What children learn:
- play as a team; take turns
- good math practice, counting in 2s, 3s
- free exercise that is also lots of fun
- fresh air, love for nature and the earth
- some pretty mean “batting” skills (hitting ‘shorty’ is not that easy!)


conceptworx@gmail.com said...

ang ganda nman po ng site na ito..

Sendz said...

hehehe.. nice instruction. I used to play this game when I was a child. And my team always win.. I was good on it... I miss playing this. and the Sipa.. larong Pinoy is the Best..^_^

Unknown said...

Its so nice I had teach this game to my kids and they are playing it with their friends.... it helps a lot. Thanks

Unknown said...

Its so nice I had teach this game to my kids and they are playing it with their friends.... it helps a lot. Thanks

dreamfish said...

I was surprised to see this game in the Korean drama "The Moon the Embraces the Sun" towards the end of episode 15 (55 min). The setting is supposedly 400 yrs ago.

Jekkyro said...

I saw that too!

Unknown said...

Thanks for historical info. Best times of my younger days. Outside activity and making friends.

Unknown said...

I love this game too,its been my favorite game since then,

Unknown said...

One of my favorite Laro ng Lahi in my elementary days😍 love this game so much!

Unknown said...

How i used skills i leared in playing shatong

Unknown said...

How to play that i can't understand

Unknown said...

Luh bhie🤣

Unknown said...

Luh bhie🤣

manrochim said...

nah, untuk anda yang tinggal di sekitar wilayah jepara dan sekitarnya, demak, kudus, pati, semarang, dan wilayah jawa tengah yang masih terjangkau, dapatkan batu bata dengan harga terjangkau dengan kualitas super, ringan, merah, keras, dan kualitas terbaik, hanya ada di batu bata jepara

silakan buktikan dan datang sendiri ke lokasi kami, sepanjang kiri jalan sejak masuk gerbang selamat datang di jepara dari arah semarang/demak, anda akan temui sawah-sawah yang terdapat brak-brak untuk pembuatan batu bata, disitu ada banyak sekali batu bata welahan yang bisa anda cek sendiri ke lokasi.
semoga bermanfaat ya...

manrochim said...

terima kasih informasinya,
saya mau berbagi info juga tentang batu bata ya gaes...

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